In early 2008, I received a request

Larry, from Edmonton, Canada, asked me if  I was ready to build him a new guitar. With all the details agreed, we also decided to send the guitar with our mutual friend Erik, as he would later visit Larry in Canada.

Some months later, with the nice new guitar in my car, I headed for Norway to give it to Erik.

On the way to Erik’s place, something happened that shouldn´t happen …  45 minutes in a  carpark in Stockholm was enough for someone to smash a car window and steal two guitars!

What a tragedy!  I called Larry. …. I had to start another guitar build! This time  I made two guitars.

After a few months I was back on the road with two new guitars.

With Larry on Skype, Erik and I and those two new instruments were  at Erik’s house. We compared the two guitars and chose Suli as the guitar Larry would have!

Larry played a lot on “Suli” . With his friends, and in his bluegrass band. Sometimes at home, with the younger generation following their sessions.

His friend’s daughter, Eva, used to play “Suli” at Larry´s place. She really enjoyed it, and borrowed the guitar from time to time. The guitar “Suli” stayed  for longer periods with Eva, until it became permanent.

One night I received a message from Larry. “When you had those pieces of wood in your hands, that later  became the guitar “Suli”, could you, in your wildest thoughts, have imagined  this?”


Eva Foote on “Suli” , wrote this song.  Here with her friends performing  this wonderful song and a milestone on the journey of “Suli”.