A story about a Guitar and an old Sofa…

A story about a vintage Sofa and a new Guitar.
Let´s go back to the years between 1880 and 1890.
Prisoners of war from the Ottoman Empire and the Russo-Turkish war 1877-1878 was set to produce “style furniture” in a facility near St. Petersburg Russia. These prisoners was very talented and also those who made the red vintage sofa on the picture.
During this time, 1880 – 1890, an old relative lived in St Petersburg. He ordered a set of one sofa, two armchairs and 8 stools. He then sold the whole set to his brother Alfred with wife Sofia in Jakobstad Finland.
Alfred dies 1915. Alfred and Sofia had no children. When Sofia dies 1937, the heirs organize an internal auction, for the relatives only.
Sofia was also my grandmothers aunt. My grandmother then bought these vintage furnitures. From that day they have been a pride in our old house.
As I often capture my guitars in environments with historic vibes, it felt natural to photograph this amazing guitar on this sofa!
The Guitar is a New “00” size Guitar made in Black Limba wood and aged Swiss Spruce. This Guitar will be shipped to Cadiz in Spain!
Enjoy the magic pictures whit a “vintage” touch!