I was working as usual with my guitar making. The radio in my headphones said…..

….”It happened in the 90s…. Mom, dad and sons of the family Karf were driving in the car on the way home.
Markus, six years old, was singing. He was a thoughtful boy.
Suddenly he said, “I do not want to die yet .. but would you recognize me later in heaven?” ..He asked often about Heaven.
The following day there was a rush to get everything packed in the car. The family was invited out to a friend’s summer cottage. Everybody had to help to pack the car!
The boys were excited and ran all over the place!
Mom told the boys to get in the car, as only the last things were left!

Father Karf was still inside the house when he heard the scream..The scream grew louder .. It was Mother screaming! “The car is on fire and the boys are inside!”

The car was in flames in a second. After a moment, they saw that only Markus was missing.
The father tried to get into the car but the heat drove him back, he could not see if anyone was left behind.
The fire department came and a firefighter found Markus behind the rear seat…

Some time later, the father was in the kitchen. A bird was sitting on the windowsill. It just sat there .. He walked closer to the window, the bird remained. Finally, he had his nose against the window and only three panes of glass were between him and the bird, ..still it remained there ….

No one will notice the tears inside the guitar … I have built guitars with tears before, .. like when my own father died.
The guitar I built during the radio program will be named “Ignis” from the fire .. maybe someone will perform “Tears in Heaven” on it one day …

A warm thank you to Radio Vega and the Family Karf for the program about Markus!