After all the happy celebrations of Paul Erdman the show will continue.On my workbench today, From the left:

-OM/D model. 6 string  650mm scale / 14fret neck, slotted headstock. Rare Madagascar Rosewood and Swiss Spruce body.

-Slope Shoulder Dreadnought 12-fret! 650mm scale. Slot head. Walnut and Swiss Spruce body.

-Baritone Guitar, 27″ scale 14fret neck. Flat head. Walnut and Swiss Spruce body.

-“00” size 630mm scale 13fret neck. Slot head. Mahogany and Carpathian Spruce body.

-Whole mahogany Parlor guitar. 630mm scale 13fret neck. Flat head. Like the MMMMM but this one with flat headstock.

Pls feel welcome to ask for details and conditions!

Oct.21st, workbench